The rain's pouring since 3 days & makes this afternoon seem like already dark. Alone in the house, a cupa calling me... & my macbook too, i'm now sitting at the kitchen counter ready to share a few photos & inspiration.

                           Fondant choco-poire

Actually before each period of productivity, there is one of procrastination. But the fact is, that behind this apparent procrastination there is a pondering, a buzz preparing to emerge that will lead me into creation or just motivation to get things done!

So lately there has been a lot of things on my list done. These last days have been filled with work. So much that my head feels dizzy just thinking of it. Besides the usual cleaning & tidying & cooking, there has been painting floors & bits of walls, gardening & transplanting my growing rocket, learning to use a tiny bit of photoshop, doing the accountancy for B.'s business, filling loads of administrative forms, preparing the guest'bedroom for our friends arriving from Switzerland Monday morning, cuddling Ticoulou the most sweet, gorgeous, funny kitten I ever had...


So not much time & energy left for trying recipes & styling... except for some baking done. Banana & honey bread, focaccia with blue cheese, light farm bread... 

                  La Boulangere
Banana & honey bread

No recipe today {coming next...}, just photos to drool over!