"Not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition. Beyond definition."
Indeed it's been a specially tough week- it's been like a wave of bad things & disasters falling over the world, from faraway places (Italy) to close people (friends & family)... In the middle of all that pain, I usually tend to close myself as a way of protection... but I didn't this time; It's actually much more true & loving to allow ourselves to feel the pain. To let compassion fill us. To let our prayers & cries reach heaven, believing & knowing that something is happening. That Hope is on it's way. To let Love fill our heart & even to be just a tiny part of change in this world.


Sans transition, another contribution to my small world (I think you noticed!) is to cook some comfort food & goodies, and to share it with the people I love... Or actually even to cook together!
That's how wednesday went by... I started cooking since the morning; A chicken & banana curry for our lunch with D. & P. Then I baked some small breads, called "fancy rolls", which were quite a success. D. brought a lovely colourful salad made of the most exquisite veggies & grains. This lunch actually turned into a tea'time, then nearly an apéro!
After a quick ordering & shower, arrived my friend V. with a bottle of red wine! We were delighted to bake together those scrumptious poires et roquefort' tartlets, with some special flours made of brown rice & quinoa, which makes such a crunchy & healthy crust! Just served with a side salad, & a glass of red'!


So here's one of the most simple recipe:

Ingrédients pour 4/5 tartelettes:

Pour la pâte (inspirée de la tartine gourmande):

- 150 gr de farine de riz complet
- 40 gr de farine de quinoa
- 40gr de farine bise
- 60 ml d'huile d'olive
- 50 ml d'eau
- 1 oeuf
- 1 c.a s. de graine de lin
- 1 pincée de sel

Pour la garniture:

- 2 poires
- du roquefort (ma balance ne fonctionne plus, donc a voir selon l'âge du roquefort)
- 150 ml de crème (plus ou moins selon le goût)
- sel & poivre
- optionnel: 2 c.a s. cerneaux de noix


- Mélanger les farines, le sel, les graines.
- Faire un puits & y casser l'oeuf; travailler.
- Ajouter l'huile, tout en travaillant.
- Puis l'eau;

- Préchauffer le four a 180 C.
- Etaler la pâte sur des petits moules a tartelette beurrés.
- Repartir en cercle les fines lamelles de poires;
- Casser en morceaux le roquefort dessus;
- Battre a la main la crème, salée & poivrée; La verser sur les tartes;
- Enfourner pour 30 min environ (dépendant du four!)