{Note: Started writing this post on friday, but only able to publish it today} 


A few nights ago I was standing on my balcony breathing in all the beauty of the star filled sky & taking in some fresh air. The house next door was having a party, with the noise, the music pounding, the loud stupid drunken laughs {i know mine must also sound like that after a few drinks}.

And there would be no other place I'd rather be than on this balcony-oh-so-connected to this sky & mountain & half moon shining. It brought back to me the memories of so many parties I've been too in my young years, of so many nights spent gazing up there, trying to find a connection to something that would feel more real than this young partying-faking-numbing-crowd. 

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Today I am standing exactly where I feel I ought to. Surrounded by nature. With a wild mind. Getting back a sense of 'myself'. Reconnecting with my creativity. Whether it be in self expression on the blog, writing, photographing the beautiful people in my life, baking for my loved ones...

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I am learning to find happiness in gratitude. Gratitude for the most mundane basics of the daily living. It can be found in a morning jog in the forest trail alongside my lover, in eating a scrumptious homemade tatin aux mirabelles with a dollop of fresh homemade ricotta, or lunching on a homemade cornmeal bread simply served with cheese & jambon cru, in dancing on Papa was a rolling stone with my lil family while baking...

In music also. Actually music is so important in my life. It's a pity I tend to forget it so often. Music has a similar effect on me as alcohol has. It elates me & makes me feel happy. It brings out my tears & all my stuffed emotions which induce healing. And it brings rhythm into my body that starts jumping & twisting in every direction.




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So here we are. Surrounding ourselves with love & beauty.  Learning to change the ugly into the beautiful. Running, free as this lil guy.