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ballade en foret

Here I am after a few weeks of silence. I've spent quite a few hours sitting lying in front of my blank screen… Thinking of what to write. Looking for words. But they were not coming.

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My Superman

Truth is I had a crazy busy month.
Even more true would be:  I didn't feel good enough to write. Work & pressure. Appointments. Life's usual business. Kid. Viruses. Sick kid. Sleepless nights. Sick me. Feeling of apathy. Inability to think clearly. Blurred mind. My son's tantrums. My anger burst-outs. The re-connection process. Working hard not to yell. Healing the bruises. Taking the courage to rest. And of course a lot of cooking & baking going on.
My own kind of therapy to uplift my moods. To feel creative. My way of expressing my love. My care.

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Introducing my Eclairs au chocolat !!


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And our first Macarons!!


Simple food


simply Weber jacket potato


Tarte a la Ricotta


Homemade Ricotta
I know it can sometimes sound like life is all beautiful, and like I've got it all together. Mmmm... I wish i could say i am this woman, relaxed & confident in herself… that life doesn't constantly feel hectic… But truth is very often I feel messy, scared & lost in a way too big/fast world for me. 
And the cooking, baking, chopping, kneading that goes on in my kitchen, keeps me together, on my feet & mindful.


So here are lil pieces of my life this last month. The fresh homemade food. The empowering joggings. The moments shared in friendship. The quiet family times. The simple living.


Painting with Manie


Avec son Tonton Sam!!

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Sunday lunch by the sea with family

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 Another Sunday lunch that streched into sunset with friends