06 février 2010

Ce n'est qu'avec une semaine de retard...

... que je viens poster les photos de dimanche dernier; Vogue sur l'eau tiède petite piroguevers le bénitieravec à ton bord Fly & ses nouveaux amis
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26 janvier 2010

Feeling grateful

Les roses de l'amour...A few photos of the last weeks months... Phil & Diana's beautiful wedding... Cozy new year's eve with Pierre & Katleen, & Fly... Hot but refreshing days in Trou d'Eau Douce... B. practising... Yummy meals shared with friends... Sweet & blessed days just seem like they're here to stay... Happy 2010!!
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25 décembre 2009

Merry merry!!

Wondering how was your Christmas...? Hoping it was a joyful, bright, fun, sweet, & tasty one...?! And filled with friends, family, laughters, & love...!Merry Xmas!! A great cook in the kitchen... A cosy deco... Family gatherings...with an addition... My Xmas present...& new lifetime partner... Finally tantalising food nearly everyday...That was for us!!
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14 novembre 2009

Way of life...

Taking some time out...will be back soon...Take care :)
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04 novembre 2009

Welcome lil Noah...

Et voici le petit ange... quelques heures après sa venue au monde...il est arrivé lundi 2 novembre 2009, à 15hr40... So beautiful, so pure, so bright, so full of the secrets of the angels... ... and so beautiful & brave parents too... No more words. Just overwhelmed. Simply alive.
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28 octobre 2009

Happy happy B.!

                          Dome experience in Chebel Wohhooo am happy to be back here!So let me sum up those last days... pas dans l'ordre though...I am spending the evening by myself - as I like it sometime, with a glass of red, loads of reading, an easy movie to watch, a bread pudding just out of the oven... B. is mixing @ Bali Copy.I was terribly sick last week - like I've not been in a very long time- something like food poisoning, or a stomach... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2009

Lil things... & white chocolate cheesecake with a red fruit glaze

These last days in bulk...en vrac: I had a Sunday'lunch with my bro S & O. I made squash gnocchi with a cheese sauce & a cheesecake that day {recipe down}. I heart cheesecakes. I went shoping with O. to prepare my nephew's arrival. I am done with reading "anges & demons". Brilliant, especially when compared with the movie.Summer is getting here, but I have my plan... a mosquito net in the garden under my trees, with the wind blowing gently, with the overview on the sea, with Fly playing next to me...intense... [Lire la suite]
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07 octobre 2009

Sunday Pavlova

Two weeks ago {or already more?}we had a really nice Sunday'lunch @ our place with my inlaws. Au menu: a kind of yummy choucroute made by my mom in law, followed by a pavlova aux fruits des bois made by myself. This dessert is so quick & easy to make... & so delicious in mouth!Altogether we had a lovely time. The end-of-winter light perfused so sweetly on this afternoon & its talks. So here's a simple recipe for you: Pavlova {6 pax} Ingrédients - 6 blancs d'oeufs {à température ambiante}- 1 pincée de... [Lire la suite]
27 septembre 2009

Baby shower

...hope you also had a nice week-end?!Xxx PS: Thanks to all of you who participated to make this event a success, whether with yummy food, or with your presence!!
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21 septembre 2009

la suite...

...la suite de nos délicieux moments, à l'Heritage accompagnés de notre sœurette Tal (non pas de Fly cette fois!) & pour finir en beauté... petit séjour gastronomique & champagnard devrais-je dire, à Trou d'Eau Douce avec nos amis P. & J. & leur bambin! (ah oui avec Fly aussi bien sûr!)
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