01 juin 2009

Simply week-end

Well another week-end went by & here I am, faithful to my Monday'post. For once it was a sociable week-end as we've been out on both nights to some nice dinner-party & evening, with some fun & interesting people. So we allowed ourselves to spend the days on a slow mode, enjoying simple things such as cooking & eating, baking (must I still mention it?), working in the garden, taking naps, watching DVDs, having love-filled talks... A harmonious one, where everything seemed to fall into place so naturally &... [Lire la suite]

24 mai 2009

A sunday picnic

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday. With a weather fluctuating from windy, rainy & sunny every 5 minutes, I just couldn't decide which mood I should be in. So I decided to spend the day mainly in the couch, reading, taking naps, & eating {which of course involved a bit of cooking!} Today was another story. Sunny. Clear day. Fresh air. Mild temperature. Just the perfect day for a family picnic under a big tree in the garden. And so everybody contributed to the lunch. Sandwiches, a delicious quiche au bacon {I need your... [Lire la suite]
23 mai 2009

Cannellonis aux farines, a l'aubergine & a la pestonade

It's starting to become an habit. Every saturday I get out of bed around six. I just can't get more sleep. It's like the day is calling me. The kitchen too. Or the blog. So here I am. With my cannelloni recipe from last Saturday. Une petite création matinale un samedi matin a 6hr30 alors que l'appel de ma cuisine se faisait sentir. Oui je sais, parfois je me demande aussi si ça ne va pas trop loin.L'envie de faire des pâtes fraîches. Avec de la farine blanche, de riz complet & de quinoa. Pétrie dans la machine a pain... [Lire la suite]
19 mai 2009

quick post about week-end

  Petit diner avec P & K samedi soir I'll ask you to please bear with me. I have so much to share with you. So many photos of lil things that inspire, also called beauty, of people in our lives. So many recipes tested/created those last days. But I'll be quick this morning, just posting photos of our week-end {before it gets too late}. And I'll come back during the week to give you a few recipes. Apero du dimanche... dejeuner familial du dimanche
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14 mai 2009

A recipe to welcome the winter

Winter is definitely here. I can finally wear my woollen socks, my new cashmere sweater, take long hot showers, watch TV with a plaid blanket... wow all those things I was longing for while sweating those last months!So to warm up here's a lil risotto au fromage blanc & potiron. A comfort food I wanted to share since some time. Recette {inspirée de Savoir & Saveurs}:Ingrédients {pour 4}: - 325 gr de potiron/giraumon- 2 gousses d'ail- 1 brin de romarin- huile d'olive- sel - 325 gr de riz arborio- 30 gr de beurre-... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2009

Week-end report

To start with I've got a great news... Ticoulou's back!! Helas since Sunday morning {when we left for a day on a boat with a few friends} no news of him. So today was the 3rd day without our lil kitty & I thought there was now not much hope left to see her come back. And must I say that I was grumpy & moody all day? Well yeah. Our house felt lonely without her. Our couch felt empty. But... while cleaning the house this afternoon, I heard a meow from outside. At first it was a faraway & shy one. Then it came closer. So... [Lire la suite]

05 mai 2009

Happy birthday mom!

As I was saying earlier, yesterday was my mom's birthday & we were glad to host her dinner'party at our place. Even grand-pere & grand-mere made it. G-m brought a vanilla & honey roasted duck, which we served with a gratin dauphinois au lait de coco & a watercress salad. B. contributed with a new recipe: a pestonade! A kind of mix between a pesto & a tapenade using olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pistachios, rocket, parmegiano, garlic, thyme, olive oil... I'll let your imagination go with that! He also created an... [Lire la suite]
05 mai 2009

A few days in Pointe d'Esny

                          Plage de Pointe d"EsnyMieux vaut tard que jamais! We're back since Sunday afternoon, with a nice tan, 2 more kilos after indulging ourselves with the most exquisite food {boeuf charolais, langoutes fraiches grillees, filet de capitaine frais, proscuitto gruyere & onion cake, banana & chocolate muffins, nice & fresh salads, just to name a few...}, & also a sore throat {for me}!     ... [Lire la suite]
02 mai 2009

Petit coucou

Cantucci & a chilled out dinner with our friends A., J.M & L. A lil something here just to keep you company while we're away in the south with our friends P & J.You'll hear about it soon... promised.
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28 avril 2009

My bro & lemon meringue tart

So much to say... so many things I'd love to share here... so many recipes tried out lately... but for tonight I'll let you with my bro/father-to-become/photoshop teacher eating my lemon meringue tart on a quinoa crunchy crust!For now off to bed!
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