19 mars 2009

Boulangere en herbe

The rain's pouring since 3 days & makes this afternoon seem like already dark. Alone in the house, a cupa calling me... & my macbook too, i'm now sitting at the kitchen counter ready to share a few photos & inspiration.                            Fondant choco-poire Actually before each period of productivity, there is one of procrastination. But the fact is, that behind this apparent procrastination there is a pondering, a... [Lire la suite]

16 mars 2009

recette promise de tarte sablee choco-banane

            tarte sablée choco-banane All right, I have to come here today to share my new recipe tested 2 Sundays ago. There are some simple things in life that suffice to make us happy. Chocolate-banana'tart baked on a nice Sunday'afternoon and enjoyed on the sunny veranda is one. I used some palets bretons that I crushed with salted butter for the crunchiest crust & extra dark chocolate for the cream. Now I have to say very humbly that B.never complimented me that much for a dessert...... [Lire la suite]
15 mars 2009

Happy B-day L!

Just a quicky to give a lil brief of the weeky! Two days at B's parents for his dad's B-day. Two days at the seaside. Of some sun, of some rain. Of good eating as well. Of good talks with nice people. Of lotsa love shared.
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12 mars 2009

Petit week-end cocooning...

Time went by so quick. Days have been flying. I've been meaning to write about my week-end since...well the week-end. So tonight with a sky filled with lightning and beautiful colors... With kitten Ticoulou purring on my laps... With my lists scribbled down for my busy day tomorrow & my trip this week-end... Here I am with a few images & inspiration I wanted to share from our week-end. A picnic in our garden for a Saturday'lunch made of a salade de chèvre chaud grilled on apples & topped with crushed pistachio, served... [Lire la suite]
12 mars 2009

Pave aux amandes

Petit goûter de la semaine dernière...pur régal, englouti par B.Pour le voir de plus près, cliquez sur l'image... PS Petite précision: toujours du beurre salé, même en pâtisserie!
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03 mars 2009

Holidays' program

The program was written on a lil blackboard in the kitchen: - play with Ticoulou {our new kitten} - climb the hill {we see from our window) - do some baking/cooking - do some gardening ... & everything was done with my bro D. & sis T. who were here for 2 days!                Muffin'baking We baked some fruits des bois muffins with white chocolate icing, which I'll be able to share with you because for once I wrote down the ingredients & mesures! Moelleux a... [Lire la suite]

01 mars 2009

Dejeuner du dimanche

                     Sunday lunch with F. & A.               How I love these Sunday'lunches! We should do it more regularly... I'm usually not a big fan of Sundays. It's a day with hardly any life, everything's closed {except in Dubai- that's why I think I could easilly live there!}It's a day for being lazy, not doing anything productive, kind of already waiting for the next week to begin... So instead... [Lire la suite]
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01 mars 2009

Blog culinaire?

          Tarte au fromage blanc I am so happy... after working on my photos for days & days, I finally got the effect I was looking for. J'use et j'en abuse now! Well I think I can still improve... it is such a fascinating world. Also baking has been calling me lately... So today's mood brought me inspiration for une tarte au fromage blanc...  I baked it this morning: made my homemade pate brisee & filled it with some fromage frais {that's all I could find here}, cream, yogurt,... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2009

productive day

As I started the day without coffee... trying to detox at least from cafeine- I had no big plans for the day apart from tidying, ironing, cooking, doing some paperwork, & having our friend A. for tea. But the heavy clouds which were building up on the horizon gave me an urge to cook & bake. Inspired by a few readings, I started cooking a quiche aux poireaux & fromage bleu with some roquefort, leeks, tomatoes, eggs mixed with milk & cream, supported in a flaky pastry crust with walnuts... which hubby & I... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2009

Our lil guest & our spinach lasagna

Hi there!Let me introduce you our new companion... a wild kitten... so skinny... but unapproachable...& totally wild!Mystérieusement apparu au pied de notre paillasson il y a 3 jours... il vient chercher a manger 2 fois par jour et refuse qu'on l'approche...           and because weekends & public holidays are meant for us to relax, enjoy lil pleasures, apreciate the small gestures... & spend some time cooking, here's our spinach lasagna created tonight for a last minute ... [Lire la suite]
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