06 février 2010

Ce n'est qu'avec une semaine de retard...

... que je viens poster les photos de dimanche dernier; Vogue sur l'eau tiède petite piroguevers le bénitieravec à ton bord Fly & ses nouveaux amis
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21 septembre 2009

la suite...

...la suite de nos délicieux moments, à l'Heritage accompagnés de notre sœurette Tal (non pas de Fly cette fois!) & pour finir en beauté... petit séjour gastronomique & champagnard devrais-je dire, à Trou d'Eau Douce avec nos amis P. & J. & leur bambin! (ah oui avec Fly aussi bien sûr!)
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21 septembre 2009

a taste of holidays

Voici enfin les images de ces petites vacances!To start with... a lil stay at my inlaws to do the switching off, filled with good food (must I still mention it?), with lots of relaxing times, & with a nice walk at la Cambuse... No need to say too, that Fly accompanied us for his first stay in another environment & behaved really well! (Proud parents here)
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06 septembre 2009

Vives les vacances!

I have been longing for this for so long.A break. Pause. Holidays. Disconnect. Reconnect. I feel so full of so much things now. Some trash I have to get rid of. Some stress to release. And some stuff like excitement, joy, hope, peace... some great expectations for life...I don't know what more to say.Actually I have loads to say. Loads of pix too. But too much time went by.So I'll take some time this week for myself. To do stuff I long for again. And to take no more stress. And hopefully to keep you updated. Our plan for... [Lire la suite]
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17 août 2009

Fly is his name

Wow I just can't believe I still havent found time to tell you about this wonderful & beautiful lil being who entered our lives 3 weeks ago... A lil storm indeed, but so gorgeous, with so much love & innocence...Who teaches us patience, sacrifice, love, care, mothering & fathering...Who brings us so much joy, fun, laughs, & pride...Well enough reeling off... He's 2 months & 3 weeks old... His name is Fly cos I believe he can do so {but only when we're asleep...} ... & believe me, it's not a dog-lover... [Lire la suite]
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