28 juin 2009

My first cake' order, Happy Birthdays & trivial stuff...

No excuses. I have been pretty busy. And lazy too. A lot have happened in the last weeks. Events on which B. was working. That left me without a hubby for several days. Even on my birthday. {Darling thanks again for managing to spend the morning with me in the midst of this huge pre-prod!}. Our 3' year wedding anniversary. My 28th birthday {yep no hiding}. My grampa's B'day too {on which I started writing 2 weeks ago, but still haven't post it yet}. And then there's everything else that makes everyday life. Gardening. Baking... [Lire la suite]

05 avril 2009

Olive and tomato tear and share bread

... & une petite pour le week-end... euh en fait 2 petites! A week-end made of cooking, tasting, relaxing, watching TV... & looking after my convalescent man. This bread recipe is taken from a book but I changed some bits; Tear a wedge and fill it with some speck ham, parmesan, tomato, artichoke heart, olive oil, mustard, grounded pepper and devour! Ingrédients: - 275 ml d'eau- 2 c. a s. d'huile d'olive- 275 gr de farine blanche- 200 gr de farine bise- 1 c. a c. de fleur de sel- 1 c. a c. de cassonade- 1 1/2 c.a... [Lire la suite]
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12 mars 2009

Petit week-end cocooning...

Time went by so quick. Days have been flying. I've been meaning to write about my week-end since...well the week-end. So tonight with a sky filled with lightning and beautiful colors... With kitten Ticoulou purring on my laps... With my lists scribbled down for my busy day tomorrow & my trip this week-end... Here I am with a few images & inspiration I wanted to share from our week-end. A picnic in our garden for a Saturday'lunch made of a salade de chèvre chaud grilled on apples & topped with crushed pistachio, served... [Lire la suite]
03 mars 2009

Holidays' program

The program was written on a lil blackboard in the kitchen: - play with Ticoulou {our new kitten} - climb the hill {we see from our window) - do some baking/cooking - do some gardening ... & everything was done with my bro D. & sis T. who were here for 2 days!                Muffin'baking We baked some fruits des bois muffins with white chocolate icing, which I'll be able to share with you because for once I wrote down the ingredients & mesures! Moelleux a... [Lire la suite]