12 mai 2009

Week-end report

To start with I've got a great news... Ticoulou's back!! Helas since Sunday morning {when we left for a day on a boat with a few friends} no news of him. So today was the 3rd day without our lil kitty & I thought there was now not much hope left to see her come back. And must I say that I was grumpy & moody all day? Well yeah. Our house felt lonely without her. Our couch felt empty. But... while cleaning the house this afternoon, I heard a meow from outside. At first it was a faraway & shy one. Then it came closer. So... [Lire la suite]

05 mai 2009

Happy birthday mom!

As I was saying earlier, yesterday was my mom's birthday & we were glad to host her dinner'party at our place. Even grand-pere & grand-mere made it. G-m brought a vanilla & honey roasted duck, which we served with a gratin dauphinois au lait de coco & a watercress salad. B. contributed with a new recipe: a pestonade! A kind of mix between a pesto & a tapenade using olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pistachios, rocket, parmegiano, garlic, thyme, olive oil... I'll let your imagination go with that! He also created an... [Lire la suite]
02 mai 2009

Petit coucou

Cantucci & a chilled out dinner with our friends A., J.M & L. A lil something here just to keep you company while we're away in the south with our friends P & J.You'll hear about it soon... promised.
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12 mars 2009

Petit week-end cocooning...

Time went by so quick. Days have been flying. I've been meaning to write about my week-end since...well the week-end. So tonight with a sky filled with lightning and beautiful colors... With kitten Ticoulou purring on my laps... With my lists scribbled down for my busy day tomorrow & my trip this week-end... Here I am with a few images & inspiration I wanted to share from our week-end. A picnic in our garden for a Saturday'lunch made of a salade de chèvre chaud grilled on apples & topped with crushed pistachio, served... [Lire la suite]