25 décembre 2009

Merry merry!!

Wondering how was your Christmas...? Hoping it was a joyful, bright, fun, sweet, & tasty one...?! And filled with friends, family, laughters, & love...!Merry Xmas!! A great cook in the kitchen... A cosy deco... Family gatherings...with an addition... My Xmas present...& new lifetime partner... Finally tantalising food nearly everyday...That was for us!!
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23 juillet 2009


I thought I'd come by, just drop a lil note to explain my silence during the last weeks. Well reason is, I am now a Silent Partner too! I moved into the office with my desk, and my responsabilities. One of them is the keeping of accounts. Another one {probably more interesting than the first}is Ayo's concert. Ayo playing live in Mauritius on Friday the 7th of August at the Swami Vivekananda Centre. So for all of you who are around on that date "you'd better run run run run run for my soul..."for a ticket! {at the Habit's... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2009

Cannellonis aux farines, a l'aubergine & a la pestonade

It's starting to become an habit. Every saturday I get out of bed around six. I just can't get more sleep. It's like the day is calling me. The kitchen too. Or the blog. So here I am. With my cannelloni recipe from last Saturday. Une petite création matinale un samedi matin a 6hr30 alors que l'appel de ma cuisine se faisait sentir. Oui je sais, parfois je me demande aussi si ça ne va pas trop loin.L'envie de faire des pâtes fraîches. Avec de la farine blanche, de riz complet & de quinoa. Pétrie dans la machine a pain... [Lire la suite]
03 mars 2009

Holidays' program

The program was written on a lil blackboard in the kitchen: - play with Ticoulou {our new kitten} - climb the hill {we see from our window) - do some baking/cooking - do some gardening ... & everything was done with my bro D. & sis T. who were here for 2 days!                Muffin'baking We baked some fruits des bois muffins with white chocolate icing, which I'll be able to share with you because for once I wrote down the ingredients & mesures! Moelleux a... [Lire la suite]