28 juin 2015

Thoughts on a birthday celebration and a camping

(Written for my birthday- after a year of unintentional break from this space, as I was busy living a slower life & enjoying the coziness of my home & family, and sharing my day to day pictures/thoughts/mood with easier & quicker networks - such as Facebook & Instagram) Today I am 34. I am celebrating another breath of life. I pour out the words that have been piling up inside since the month of June. Blessed month. Feeling grateful for it all. Grateful for winter. For scrumptious & nutritious meals I feed... [Lire la suite]

27 avril 2009

Au potager

M'assoir sur un banc 5 minutes avec toi & regarder ces arbres respirer en face de mon potager de ces plants dont je prends soin tot le matin & chaque apres-midi regarder cette lune montante ce fin & si delicat croissant ce ciel qui m'abrite & abriter le ciel dans mon coeur encore une fois comme toujours I couldn't go further in the week without being grateful here for the week-end. One just as I like. Up early. Working in the potager in the fresh rays of wintry sun... [Lire la suite]
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