25 mai 2014

Special edition for mom!

Hi all! Well i guess a few photos are better than a blank page... So in a nutshell... We celebrated my mom's 60th birthday during 2 week-ends - well 60'yo mom deserves proper celebration, specially if she's put up with me & with 3 other ones, with unconditionnal love for the last 33 years?! Some pampering, some good food, some seaside & sun, some lunches & dinners, and a lot of family time!! And today we are celebrating mothers here… nothing really special on the grill, just... [Lire la suite]
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05 juin 2009

For Mother's day

I just watched this movie Un Conte de Noel. I still have to let it sink in. A true French movie as I like them. Slow & brutal images of life. Exuberant characters & all a lil deranged. Still something so precious that is not put into words, but that you can catch a glimpse of all along. So I won't try to explain here. Will keep it for myself. Well mom I know it's late to post now about your visit a few weeks ago. But I have those photos I love. Plus those scrumptious muffins a la mandarine, chocolat & cardamome to... [Lire la suite]