18 février 2014

Week #7, Valentine's etc

I often find myself repeating the same words to start my posts " time flies, days go by so quickly…" I've been meaning to come here since last week. But life comes first.  So this has been my life lately: A beautiful, slow paced week-end, that included a friendly & out of this world lunch in Chamarel gorgeous mountains the week-end before, enjoying good company, pinot grigrio, fish terrine & a decadent salad.   A sunday picnic at the beach, relaxing in the hammock while reading the newspaper.  ... [Lire la suite]
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24 mai 2009

A sunday picnic

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday. With a weather fluctuating from windy, rainy & sunny every 5 minutes, I just couldn't decide which mood I should be in. So I decided to spend the day mainly in the couch, reading, taking naps, & eating {which of course involved a bit of cooking!} Today was another story. Sunny. Clear day. Fresh air. Mild temperature. Just the perfect day for a family picnic under a big tree in the garden. And so everybody contributed to the lunch. Sandwiches, a delicious quiche au bacon {I need your... [Lire la suite]
25 mars 2009

Another week-end to remember

             Picnic a la Prairie I have to say, last week-end was pretty busy... pleins de trucs qui s'enchainent... but enjoyable things altogether.Meeting new people, having a picnic made of aubergine, roquefort & pecan nuts'tartlets at the beach, enjoying the warm sea, the hamac, the sun, the rain to finish, just the peaceful moment...             Pesto on cheese focaccia Nicely followed by a friendly cooking session, made of pesto served... [Lire la suite]
12 mars 2009

Petit week-end cocooning...

Time went by so quick. Days have been flying. I've been meaning to write about my week-end since...well the week-end. So tonight with a sky filled with lightning and beautiful colors... With kitten Ticoulou purring on my laps... With my lists scribbled down for my busy day tomorrow & my trip this week-end... Here I am with a few images & inspiration I wanted to share from our week-end. A picnic in our garden for a Saturday'lunch made of a salade de chèvre chaud grilled on apples & topped with crushed pistachio, served... [Lire la suite]