12 mai 2009

Week-end report

To start with I've got a great news... Ticoulou's back!! Helas since Sunday morning {when we left for a day on a boat with a few friends} no news of him. So today was the 3rd day without our lil kitty & I thought there was now not much hope left to see her come back. And must I say that I was grumpy & moody all day? Well yeah. Our house felt lonely without her. Our couch felt empty. But... while cleaning the house this afternoon, I heard a meow from outside. At first it was a faraway & shy one. Then it came closer. So... [Lire la suite]

27 avril 2009

Au potager

M'assoir sur un banc 5 minutes avec toi & regarder ces arbres respirer en face de mon potager de ces plants dont je prends soin tot le matin & chaque apres-midi regarder cette lune montante ce fin & si delicat croissant ce ciel qui m'abrite & abriter le ciel dans mon coeur encore une fois comme toujours I couldn't go further in the week without being grateful here for the week-end. One just as I like. Up early. Working in the potager in the fresh rays of wintry sun... [Lire la suite]
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25 mars 2009

Another week-end to remember

             Picnic a la Prairie I have to say, last week-end was pretty busy... pleins de trucs qui s'enchainent... but enjoyable things altogether.Meeting new people, having a picnic made of aubergine, roquefort & pecan nuts'tartlets at the beach, enjoying the warm sea, the hamac, the sun, the rain to finish, just the peaceful moment...             Pesto on cheese focaccia Nicely followed by a friendly cooking session, made of pesto served... [Lire la suite]
15 mars 2009

Happy B-day L!

Just a quicky to give a lil brief of the weeky! Two days at B's parents for his dad's B-day. Two days at the seaside. Of some sun, of some rain. Of good eating as well. Of good talks with nice people. Of lotsa love shared.
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