28 juin 2015

Thoughts on a birthday celebration and a camping

(Written for my birthday- after a year of unintentional break from this space, as I was busy living a slower life & enjoying the coziness of my home & family, and sharing my day to day pictures/thoughts/mood with easier & quicker networks - such as Facebook & Instagram) Today I am 34. I am celebrating another breath of life. I pour out the words that have been piling up inside since the month of June. Blessed month. Feeling grateful for it all. Grateful for winter. For scrumptious & nutritious meals I feed... [Lire la suite]

15 juin 2010

A new season & 19 weeks

Winter morning by our window... Nearly halfway through... I can now feel his/her sweet but firm lil kicks... magic! Wintery baking & sunsets to enjoy...
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07 octobre 2009

Sunday Pavlova

Two weeks ago {or already more?}we had a really nice Sunday'lunch @ our place with my inlaws. Au menu: a kind of yummy choucroute made by my mom in law, followed by a pavlova aux fruits des bois made by myself. This dessert is so quick & easy to make... & so delicious in mouth!Altogether we had a lovely time. The end-of-winter light perfused so sweetly on this afternoon & its talks. So here's a simple recipe for you: Pavlova {6 pax} Ingrédients - 6 blancs d'oeufs {à température ambiante}- 1 pincée de... [Lire la suite]
04 juin 2009

A call for winter

                   Credentials: lovely hubby To warm us up a lil while the cold is coming in to make winter hurry up, a velouté de cresson & pomme de terre served with some savoury tartines au chèvre. Quickly made and always a success for a light dinner.    Ingredients (3 pax): - 1 oignon- 2 gousses d'ail- 1 botte de cresson- 2 grosses p.de t.- 700 ml lait- sel & poivre- huile d'olive Etapes: - Faire suer oignon & ail finement émincés dans... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2009

A recipe to welcome the winter

Winter is definitely here. I can finally wear my woollen socks, my new cashmere sweater, take long hot showers, watch TV with a plaid blanket... wow all those things I was longing for while sweating those last months!So to warm up here's a lil risotto au fromage blanc & potiron. A comfort food I wanted to share since some time. Recette {inspirée de Savoir & Saveurs}:Ingrédients {pour 4}: - 325 gr de potiron/giraumon- 2 gousses d'ail- 1 brin de romarin- huile d'olive- sel - 325 gr de riz arborio- 30 gr de beurre-... [Lire la suite]
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